Robot-Assisted Surgery

In the early years of the last decade, a revolutionary way of doing surgery was introduced. In the past, surgery in the abdomen or pelvic area was performed traditionally through large vertical or horizontal incisions. Later many of these “open” procedures evolved into surgery through several “key-hole” incisions (laparoscopy). The daVinci Surgical System ( utilizes a robot that allows advanced laparoscopic surgery to be performed at an even higher level of proficiency, especially in difficult cases.

Dr. Cholhan and his associates use robotically-assisted laparoscopic surgery to treat a variety of conditions, including resuspending a prolapsing uterus, bladder or vagina, uterine fibroid removal, supracervical hysterectomy (leaving the cervix in) and/or removal of ovaries with cysts. The vast majority of patients typically go home on the same day of surgery, allowing for much quicker recovery and return to usual activities.